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The Gallery Six Elements (2017) PC torrent

03.08.2016, 14:33
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The Gallery Six Elements game in the genre of Adventure with a first person, telling about how the main character goes to a mysterious world in search of the missing sisters. The project is being developed by the Studio Cloudhead Games on Unity engine 4. Campaign to support The Gallery: Six Elements appeared on the platform Kickstarter in March 2013, and in April, the required amount was collected.

Initially the Studio project Cloudhead Games designed specifically for virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift, but later it was decided to redirect the direction in the direction similar device — Vive VR headset from Valve and HTC. However, from change of places composed the sum does not change, so the main feature of The Gallery Six Elements continue to is maximum immersion in the gameplay.

The developers promise an exciting story. In search of the sister character will have to explore the quaint, full of uncertainties world. You need to look not only a sister but also a variety of artifacts that carry invaluable help in discovering the secrets of this unusual world, the cause of all phenomena which is a kind of Machine... alpha test The Gallery Six Elements was launched in late 2013, release when you can download torrent full version to be held this year.

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