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29.03.2016, 14:26
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Through the Woods is a psychological horror adventure from Norwegian indie Studio Antagonist, which is due out early next year. Currently, developers raise funds to complete the project through Kickstarter, and in order to attract more gamers, they presented the demo version of Through the Woods.

The name of the game is translated "Through the woods", but it would be better to avoid this side of the woods, Yes as far as possible... But a desperate mother who lost her son, sent into this dark, creepy, monstrous woods to find his beloved baby. The plot is laid Scandinavian legend of Old Erica, living deep in the woods and kidnaps naughty children. Adults consider this story a fairy tale, which perfectly copes with the role of caregiver. However, it is worth to be in this forest personally, and nobody else can convince you that Erik does not actually exist.

The developers shared that focused on children's personal emotions, which caused them dark forest. They reported that the story will be very deep and each will be affected deeply. To create the maximum effect of immersion, Studio Antagonist thoroughly thought out sound design — listening, gamers will be able to determine which way to it approaching danger and react in time. By the way, the only defense is a flashlight, scaring away scary creatures. Another interesting decision by the developers — dynamic narrative. That is, the development of the plot will change depending on the actions of the gamer, which also makes the gameplay far more realistic.

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