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03.02.2016, 21:06
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Verona was announced by the creators and now users are prompted to rate a new game. What players can expect? Adventure! The idea for creating the story was the TV series Firefly, has long become a cult (not in the sci-Fi style) and the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", the author and the plot which you can not even recall, so know the product.

If you are bored of the theme of the Apocalypse, try after download the game via torrent Verona. The history of the game on a long-established tradition, linked to the Apocalypse, the only thing he has not yet arrived, but people already actively quits and dumps. The relocation site depends on financial possibilities as usual though...

Game features:
- All! All! All! The season of searching for artifacts in full swing! Hurry up to find the best and valuable! Hurry, time is limited... the Apocalypse
Everyone who decides to participate in the assistance given to the team of hunters. The extractors can find any artifact, well almost...
- Become richer and don't forget about the protection of its mined treasures!

In this way and made a game along the way will have to solve various domestic issues, resolving conflicts in the team and much more. The task of the developers was to show the players how harsh a world in which all pursue wealth.

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