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02.03.2016, 10:58
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System requirements:


OS Windows 7
CPU Triple-core Intel or AMD 2.0 GHz or faster
VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce 280 GTX or AMD Radeon 6750 HD series or higher
HDD 8GB Available Space

Britain in the 1960s and so was a funny country, it is enough to remember The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but in the game We Happy Few she just ultratrendy. No wonder, after all this adventure, the project took canadian Studio Compulsion Games, which has created nuarny, that is a dark game Contrast. In We Happy Few light and laughter much more. But...

In General, the plot required all residents to be as positive as possible. Does not work in a natural way, wear a mask and make known what means. However, this is too funny atmosphere not to everyone's spirit. Our hero is just such dissent. He needs to get out of the town without arousing suspicion! To help him can and PC owners, and holders of the most fashionable consoles. But when can we download We Happy Few torrent is still unknown, therefore, say positively hopeful — soon!

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