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A Quiver of Crows (2017) PC torrent

14.04.2016, 16:58
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This fall, the owners of personal computers will be able to enjoy exciting and original 2D shooter called A Quiver of Crows. We emphasize that the issue is not only Windows platform but also on Linux and OS X. the Experts of the English language can easily translate the name of the game — in Russian it sounds as "the Trembling crow." And immediately the question arises, what caused such a terrible, mighty bird tremble? What will make tremble any — all sorts of vermin, coming from all sides. How on all sides, you ask, if talking about a 2D project? It's simple — our brave Raven is able to rotate 360°, that is, can hit enemies in front, behind, top and bottom.

By the way, in order to successfully fight off enemies, our crow in the Arsenal stashed a lot of interesting shells. And each of them can be improved. Especially for the possibility of improving the skills of the gamer, the screen displays the trajectory of the projectiles. And it should be noted that after the modernization, the trajectory changes, i.e. improvements make the weapon more effective. However, as it should be. It should be necessary to mention the shields that will help protect the crow in severe situations. If alone is not possible, you can invite a friend. Yes, A Quiver of Crows provides for the co-op mode. Control of the game the most basic — the left hand twirls the bird shoots right. In this regard, it is more convenient to use the gamepad, especially during game two.

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