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Angry Birds 2 (2017) PC torrent

14.05.2016, 16:17
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Six years ago, "Angry birds", created by Finnish Studio Rovio, settled in the mobile phones of millions of people. Over the years the total number of downloads addicting puzzle game Angry Birds, ported to various platforms, has exceeded 3 billion. Of course, the Finns have actively supported its development, so the game became internationally popular. It was released about 12 versions of Angry Birds, as well as three spin-offs. Plus, in 2013 launched the animated series on the life of birds, in 2014 animated television series on the life of pigs, and in the summer of 2016 to be held release a full-length animated picture. And that's not to mention the lots manufactured under this brand a variety of products, down to postage stamps.

However, last year the popularity of the Angry Birds began to drop significantly, and the developers decided to release a sequel. Yes, this time it is not just about changing the design of the game, and about the new game. So far, however, nothing concrete is not reported, however, quite a lot can tell the slogan for Angry Birds 2: "Bigger, badder, birdier". The literal translation is: "Longer, steeper, ptichnoe". He makes it clear that gamers will be offered a lot improved, but at the same time suggests that this will not be a completely different game. However, no more wait, because the project's release date — July 30. By the way, about the release. It is worth noting that Canada is already in full play a new puzzle, because there she was released on March 5. However, the version received the name of Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, however, it is reported that this is the Angry Birds 2.

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The characters of Angry Birds 2 all painfully familiar, only they slightly changed the image of the graph to be more close to animation picture. In General, it should be expected that will improve not only graphics but also game mechanics. In other words, Angry Birds 2 for pc — real chance to regain its former popularity of the famous series of puzzles. Not for nothing because in Finland has built a whole amusement Park dedicated to that cute, Oh, that is angry birds. While the list of platforms, which are calculated on the sequel, it appears only iOS and Android. However, no need to doubt that eventually there will be versions for other platforms. In General, try the torrent download Angry Birds 2 for PC we have, and enjoy all pricescrestor!

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