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Columnae A Past Under Construction (2017) PC torrent

04.07.2016, 23:27
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The Columnae project A Past Under Construction, the development of which for PC 2013 deals with Studio Moonburnt, passed the stage of announcement, it is likely that the guys have already set for release. The project itself is a mix of genres, with a rather unusual build of gameplay – it is nonlinear, but not in the conventional concept, when the player's actions can change future events. Oh no, the Studio has gone further in this direction – first, the proposed Chapter can be completed in order, lies not in the plot, and according to my desire; secondly, the actions of the player, in addition to the impact on further events, also affect the surrounding world and past events; and third, changing a single Chapter during the passage, changing all the others. In fact, it is a tremendous work done.

- The above-mentioned non-linear passage.
- Variety of genre – post-apocalyptic universe, steampunk, adventure, etc.
- History of the world is quite familiar for game projects: due to the increasing deterioration of the ecology on Earth, in the end it became uninhabitable, resulting in part of the population (the wealthiest) – built a city in heaven Deus.
- Connection of the city with the surface of the Earth is a huge network of pipelines which name the same game – Columnae, piped up swinging resources.
- Those who did not have sufficient funds to live in the heavenly abode, but lost on the ground had no desire – they all live in Columnae, stealing resources produced by the Machine on the Ground.
- The relationship between people Columnae, to put it mildly, strained, thriving corruption, bickering with each other, complicit and politics, and at the head of all this poverty.
- The user will travel Columnae, exploring completely different locations, look on the road and in the Car.
- Unlike the other projects, fresh – the game is promising, however, no exact date of launch.

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