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Need for Speed Carbon (2006) PC torrent

08.05.2018, 16:15
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System requirements:


Operating system: XP (32-Bit), Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.7 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: 64 MB compatible with DirectX 9
Free hard disk space: 5.9 GB

In the racing game Need for Speed Carbon at first glance, all the same as in previous games in the series — the roar of engines, furious speed, incredible risks, the struggle for power and super-cool cars. The adrenaline is off the charts! However, this is not the limit — adrenaline just explode when the game comes a turning point. So, it all starts as usual: only joined the ranks of street racers, gamer trying to win city races, competing with the sharks of the steering wheel.

The struggle for the title of "king of the streets", of course, can not do without great risks, and therefore without the attention of the police. Skirmishes with cops force street racers to leave the city. But do not even think that they will tie with your favorite thing! To replace smooth asphalt surface come the dusty roads of the canyons. And here begins the real show! Everything that was before, will seem children's entertainment. Famous canyon Karbon sets its own rules for the competition, and these rules are very strict.

Feature of game:
- Download torrent Need for Speed Carbon now and we have, this game opens up new boundaries — the competition will move from the city streets to the harsh roads of suburban canyons. And here will begin a new era of struggle street racers.
- Forget about fame and money! Now your goal is to become Lord and master. Show what you are capable of, set the heat ambitious youngsters, and then they will turn from rivals into allies. They with excessive joy will accept the invitation to join your team, you only have to lift my little finger.
- You will definitely need partners on the track. Need for Speed: Carbon is a team-based game, and to withstand all the trials with honor, you need to act harmoniously. Do not take the team all in a row, keep a careful selection, because it is the professionalism and experience of the participants — the key to success.
- Even if you consider yourself a bully in terms of choosing a car, carbon fleet will allow you to find a wheelbarrow to taste — the game has more than 50 of the most powerful representatives of the modern and Golden age of the automotive industry. Add to this the wide range of tuning possibilities and be sure that you will be able to create your only and inimitable iron beauty!
- Tuning, of course, is connected not only with the development of the inner world of the car, but also with its appearance. In Carbon he had become a fine art, so be creative with fun! There are bright vinyl stickers, airbrushing and many other features at your disposal.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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