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01.07.2016, 22:39
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Original game projects sometimes very surprising and give us what we could dream over the years. For example, the game Plantera offers its users to organize a virtual garden where you can grow a variety of unique plants, flowers, trees, etc. But just to grow plants not so much fun, so the developers of this game offer a system of interaction that allows us to closely monitor the land to make decisions, take care of the plants and even to hire workers.

Download Plantera torrent you need a lot, as the game promises to be interesting – this is a simplified simulation of owning a garden plot. It is possible to plant various plants, to determine the place of their stay, to monitor closely the food and the weather for them. The garden can be developed and expanded, however, to do this, first have to find resources and funds. And the garden was a successful site, you need to hire people who will make efforts and will take care of your garden, even when you are not in the game. We should not relax, as your site can attack enemies, so it's best to think in advance about the protection and conservation of the site, for example, to have a watchdog.

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