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07.11.2016, 11:29
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Studio Double Fine Productions have become famous due to the fact that released about 10 years ago a unique and interesting platformer called Psychonauts. In the pile time, this game received numerous awards and positive reviews, both from critics and from the players themselves. And on a recent exhibition of video games, the company announced the sequel to its cult game, which is now moving to the Unreal Engine 4 and will be able to reach all the famous gaming platforms. This event pleased all fans and fans of story arcades. However, will have to wait for the release of the game, as it is planned only for 2018.

Psychonauts 2 continues the story of the main hero, who wanted to improve their psychokinetic powers. And for this he has to go through a lot of tests, perform huge number of tasks, to learn new techniques, meet new friends and fight the evil that is to languish in darkness, waiting to break free. Not surprisingly, the developers previously told about the release date of the game, which is quite respectable relative to other larger scale projects. The fact that the head – Tim Schafer, decided to work hard at their new projects and re-release a true masterpiece. This time he invited writer of the game Portal for work and brought the whole team that was involved in the first voice of the project.

We can only wish Tim good luck and patience, so as to create interactive masterpieces is hard work. But it's nice that the developers pay such attention to his creation. It remains only to wait and believe that Tim did not throw the game and be sure it will produce the same brilliant, matchless and inimitable as it was with the first part of the story.

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