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22.08.2016, 11:46
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Systole is the term for the contraction of the heart muscle (diastole — relaxation). So it is strange that a Venezuelan team CoCo called his new game with this word, because the story in it is about the robot. However, nothing strange in fiction robots have long been perceived as beings who have a heart, albeit non-literal...

Systole — platformer, which the developers describe the word "acrobatic". It will be done in the graphic style of 2.5 D, the picture should be called cartoon. Release time is unknown. Unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, held in August — September 2015, helps to speed up the creation of Systole, but the developers said that they did not intend to give up.

Hero is a child-robot, which was born thanks to a special mechanism, called the mother... the Baby was not given instructions about what is required of him, and he decided to go on a trip. In the way, he learns the secrets of the world of robots, you will understand its purpose. But first have to defeat a lot of enemies. Weapons are built-in magnets to change polarity. Plus used masks that enhance certain skills.

Team CoCo uses the engine Uniti3D. She wants to create a version of Systole for computer systems Win and Mac, and some consoles, but not yet specified what. Of course, the implementation of the plan depends on funding, so we wish CoCo good luck during the new crowdfunding campaign!

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