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Tumblestone (2017) PC torrent

16.05.2016, 20:22
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At first glance Tumblestone — the usual casual puzzle match-3 genre, that is, it is necessary to collect in a series of three blocks of the same color. I can assure you that in reality it is much more fun! This representative of the genre offers a look at familiar gameplay in a completely new way!

Tumblestone is incredibly exciting, and here's why:
- manually traced graphics pleasing brightness, fun characters and an original stone blocks with emotional persons;
- here the opposite is true — the playing field must be completely cleared by moving the same blocks beyond it;
- in addition to single player mode, there are co-op and multiplayer that significantly increases the interest, because the start of the speed competition!

It will be interesting:
The developers have set a goal to create a relaxed and incredibly fun casual game. And they definitely succeeded. We expect hundreds of colorful levels in various parts of the world. We will admire the sun deserts, green forests, beautiful castles, underwater landscapes, snow-capped mountains and even edible arrangements. From gamers need only two skills: sharpness and speed. Agree, to combine these two qualities is not always easy...

Release date:
The project developer is Studio the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, the release is scheduled for 2016. To enjoy the game will be the owners of various platforms: computers with any operating systems, consoles, and previous generation mobile devices and portable gaming consoles. In the list is, even young console OUYA. Yes, torrent download Tumblestone need anyway, in this game for sure will play the whole world!

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