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10.08.2016, 21:11
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Who does not want to participate in an exciting adventure? And all this from the comfort of home, just download a torrent of this toy from Venturous, called Yonder. The plot is supposed to return two girlfriends back home, but first they have to find their way to his house, to learn many interesting things from his past, and return home safely they will help you. Interesting and gentle story, two girls and a huge world around, will they be able to implement your ideas?

- Two brothers who represent the entire group of game developers created the game about two girls. According to the creators, they wanted to see in the game always had some intrigue if go through the game with a friend, or decided on their own to conquer it.
- Graphics is great, in fact it is drawn by hand.
- The gameplay. The success of each event depends on how consistent will act the main figures of the gameplay.
- Genre project has arcade.

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