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Stalker Apocalypse (2017) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 15:47
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There are days when you lose heart, but not the Studio West Games. We will remind that earlier employees of this company were part of the team of GSC Game World, which has created a great thing — S. T. A. L. K. E. R. with the Newly formed Studio first decided to develop Areal shooter. Started raising funds on Kickstarter. It started well, but the management of the site closed the campaign returned the money gamers. It's a shame... But this feeling is not familiar with West Games.

The Studio was not to mourn, to grieve and panic. She talked to the fans and decided to make them an even bigger surprise — Stalker Apocalypse. The game will be much bigger the shooter Areal. The developers talk about the huge world that will change even without the influence of the hero, about the long story, great graphics based on the Unreal Engine 4, multiplayer, designed for 24 people. Impressive! In General, there are many reasons to wait for this project. But you can not just wait, but to support. Leadership West Games went on again with crowdfunding. But now another service — World Wide Funder. The money to develop such a large game requires a large sum of 600 thousand dollars. If all goes well, Stalker Apocalypse download with torrent it will be possible in 2016.

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