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Star Conflict (2012-2015) PC torrent

04.02.2016, 00:53
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Multiplayer game from Star Conflict StarGem Inc the company is able to recall War Thunder, especially as the total publisher — Gaijin Entertainment. Only in this case it's not about technology since the Second world war, and about fantastic spaceships, of course, combat. As the name implies, it's about some conflict. It happens in a far-distant future between the factions of the Federation, Jericho, Empire. Each tries to get the artifacts stored in Sector 1337. Previously, everyone thought that this part of space empty, but suddenly it was found that there had developed a great civilization Forerunners. She disappeared, and values are preserved. The peaceful split not happened, the war started.

Star Conflict game download via torrent and many want to do, since the game attracts both connoisseurs of exciting PvP battles, as well as lovers, alone or with a small group to complete quests PvE. Very exciting time and takes place in the hangar: thanks to the hundreds of modules a ship can think through the details. Technique every faction has its own characteristics. If anything, Imperial slow, but well protected; Federal — fast, but easily damaged; Jericho — balanced. However, the fleet is always varied: it includes small and nimble interceptors, medium-size and attack speed, huge and slow frigates. This opens up a rich set of tactical possibilities.

Star Conflict Features:
- All to be honest. This is an excellent representative of categories free-to-play: to succeed, it is not necessary to invest real money, you just need to play actively, develop your fleet.
Beautiful star wars. Graphics created using engine Hammer, helps to plunge into space battles. Ships, asteroids, planets, stars, the shots — everything looks great.
Tactical wealth. The ships of each faction for its own good, with the fleet always includes different models — light, medium, heavy. Plus the ships can be improved through hundreds of modules.
- Game variety. Here focuses on PvP, and PvE. Space holds many interesting, for example, will meet with reasonable ships-kristallami and galactic pirates. There are several modes, the most free — Open world.

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