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15.02.2016, 00:27
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Pokemon here do not depend on coaches. They act themselves. And how exactly work? Fighting each other! Fight about the same as the Tekken characters. This is not surprising, given that the game was created by Bandai Namco. Development is done in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company. In addition, one of the key figures to be considered Masaaki Hoshino. This is not who other, as programmer and producer SoulCalibur. So as Pokken Tournament there is absolutely no doubt.

But doubts about whether there is a fighting game on consoles, it is. While it is only about slot machines, which in Japan are on each street. The release will take place in 2015. I hope that versions for more popular platforms are — this game Pokken Tournament download torrent we advise you, this game is worthy of wide attention. The first movie proves it. In it pokemon the lucario Machamp and demonstrate their strength and agility. Turned out spectacular! Modern graphics, while certainly cartoonish, very positive.

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