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Friday the 13th (2017) PC torrent

04.02.2016, 01:48
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Long ago the creators of video games is not pleased with the project based on the famous horror movie "Friday the 13th". You can even remember that in the distant 1989 was released Friday the 13th game for the NES platform (it is most familiar under the brand name "Dandy"). However, it took gamers and critics cold. Imagine someone has already a quarter of a century waiting for a worthy replacement, truly chilling. And soon it will be! Soon you will be able download game Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th) via a torrent on your computer.

This can be seen from the recent report of the company Crystal Lake Entertainment, which is responsible for the development of the franchise. From the documents it becomes clear that the development is in full swing, however, no data on the Studio, which will create a new game Friday the 13th. However, Director Sean Cunningham, the Creator of the series, ensured that the company selected is experienced, so as not need to doubt.

You know something else. It turns out that the game will be multiplayer. Gamers will be joined in the team, or rather, a group of people who are struggling to resist the wiles Jason — maniac in a hockey mask. Not an easy task, you have to poraskinut brains. More data about the new no, but she is not made to wait too long, not a quarter of a century clearly, perhaps, in a few months!

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