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Sons of the Forest (2021) PC torrent

10.02.2020, 20:01
Sons of the Forest (2021) poster

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A computer game in the horror genre, in which the main character finds himself in an open world full of dangers, where he is expected not only interesting adventures, but also battles with monsters, searching for resources, and exploring all sorts of locations.

In the story, the hero of the game is flying a helicopter, which suddenly begins to fall after a collision with an unknown object. Waking up after a fall, the main character sees a dancing three-legged girl and other strange, creepy creatures. From this moment, a desperate struggle for survival begins, taking place in a forest filled with mutants.

The game has an open, forest world with a lot of different possibilities, populated by dangerous creatures. The protagonist will explore caves, deep places, engage in battles with monsters, and search for various artifacts, resources, and food. There are crafting opportunities, i.e. the hero will be able to build their own shelters to protect themselves from enemies, as well as maintain fire for their own survival.

Although the developers did not directly confirm this, but the game is a continuation of the previous part called The Forest. In it, the main character after a plane crash, found himself on an island inhabited by native cannibals, who declared a hunt for him. It is noted that the new part looks much darker than the first.

Sons of the Forest release date is scheduled for 2021!

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