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30.03.2016, 22:53
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In 2012, the independent Australian Studio Krams Design, created by artist Dane Crimsom, introduced the game Anna's Quest. First Steam Greenlight version Vol. 1, but in 2013 its spread stopped. However, due to the fact that the project was stopped, quite the contrary. Dane Krams and colleagues made another important step: they turned for help to the German company Daedalic Entertainment, known for ability to create excellent two-dimensional adventure — suffice it to recall The Whispered World. And here is the final version of the game ready! You will have a second July torrent download Anna's Quest with us.

Genre point & click:
The game is made in accord with the traditions of the genre point & click, that is the gamer will often press on the left mouse button, while maintaining full concentration to deal with puzzles. Here they often will be associated with contactless control subjects, i.e. with telekinesis. Little Anna has gained this ability after being abducted by witch. The girl was looking for a cure for his grandfather, but out of nowhere appeared a witch is the villain. She trapped Anna in prison for the experiment, just one dedicated mental management of all sorts of things. Only lady didn't think that personally gave his victim a chance to escape...

The main characters:
One of the important characters is a boy with a Teddy named Ted. Perhaps that is why the witch turned him into a Teddy bear. But the brave heart was and in a new body, so Ted will be happy to help Anna to cope with challenges. Here is such a tale happened. By the way, Dane Krams was inspired by the works of the brothers Grimm and Andersen. So sometimes all the fun, sometimes — somber, sometimes — touching, plus the outcome will be unexpected. Before it happens, Anna will meet dragons, trolls, funny as hell, goats and various breeds.

Features Anna's Quest:
- Game that reading it inspired the famous European fairy tales.
- A game that is very fun and easy to manage thanks to the point & click.
- Game that attracts with its incredible graphics — the characters and objects are drawn manually.
- Game that is filled with black humor — you can misbehave, for example, to deprive the visitors of a tavern drink.
- A game in which any object can fly thanks to telekinesis. And even flying a small, almost pocket dragon Anna... Actually, a lot of surprises!

Trailer / Gameplay:


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