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22.11.2016, 14:24
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It's one thing when a country captures the epidemic of an illness, and quite another when the ball begins to lead death. One ill-fated virus, ruthlessly claiming one life after another, put scientists, almost to a standstill. But one small idea embodied in reality, has turned the plans of death, only the consequences are always there.

To be saved, humanity is transformed into mechanical robots – the main thing is that the virus in this form is not terrible, and besides, scientists have developed this process of transformation is reversible. And all would be well, but that's the only one who was engaged in turning back to the people – disappeared...

- Yes, how and why? Will have to clarify to you – communicating with others, solving puzzles, jumping into another portal. All this time you will be busy finding a solution.
- The world after surging in him death is not particularly prikladan, look, there is always something, if your nerves will stand it.
- Will you become the Savior of mankind? To return a smiling face, not a mechanical smirk.
- Gather necessary information, investigate, explore, nose to the ground, dig, but solve the mystery, remember all that was and find the true way of salvation.

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