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The Neverhood (1996) PC torrent

07.12.2016, 22:29
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 95
Processor: Pentium @ 75 MHz
Memory: 8 MB
Hard Drive: 10 MB Free
Video Memory: SVGA
Sound Card: Windows Compatible
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

There are LEGO games, there are hand-drawn, created using computer graphics, but The Neverhood is a game of plasticine, where the whole world fashioned from it, so that there is peace, even the protagonist Klaymen – also from clay. The game is made in adventure style, where the journey of the protagonist in unusual locations would be fraught with mysteries and riddles, sometimes completely beyond reasonable, but, nevertheless, interesting.

- great music, which will not want to switch off.
- lots of puzzles, many of which are completely unpredictable, but by virtue of whether you will to solve them?
- to recreate all the locations and characters were used almost three tons of clay, a huge work has been done to give players a totally different from other projects product.
- excellent, entertaining game, suitable for many users, it even has the status of a cult – whether it is wasted time and exciting if everyone will be able to learn from their own experience.

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