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The Secret of the Mayan Island (2017) PC torrent

18.08.2016, 14:34
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The Secret of The Mayan Island is a beautiful game from an independent Studio Somgame. Incidentally, this is her debut, and it's very promising. The game tells the archaeologist studying the Mayan culture. He discovers the texts from which it is known that there is an island closely associated with the civilization — here she blossomed in all its glory. Surprisingly, the existence of this land could remain a mystery for the world even in the 21st century. The archaeologist decided to become the first modern resident, who will get to the island. The characters are waiting for an incredible adventure!

The Studio Somgame should be praised for the graphics — jungle, buildings, and everything is depicted perfectly. Mesmerizing and the plot: at first it seems that an archaeologist will find a very ordinary adventure, but in the end, his journey becomes important for the whole of mankind... the Gameplay is classic — used, "mark and click." Watch will in the first person, and you can direct view at any point. Should study very carefully, just to get inside the buildings of Maya will not work — these people knew how to create challenging puzzles. We will add that employees Somgame was inspired by such legendary quest like Warhammer online and they were great to rethink many ideas.

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