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BeamNG DRIVE (2015) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 21:01
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System requirements:


OS: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Intel Core2Duo 3 GHz+
RAM: 2048 Mb+
Video Card: 1024 Mb+, OpenGL 1.3+
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 1024 Mb

We meet on game BeamNG drive is a racing game, but very unusual. He is very believable reports of damage to cars. Take into account the speed, angle of impact, type of obstacle and much more. Such an unusual game created by the eponymous company, BeamNG. Video about the project she presented in 2012, in 2013 he released an alpha version in February 2015 appeared current stable (Current Stable) version, as well as experimental to deepen in the process. In the future, the project will be improved, but now the game BeamNG drive download torrent need with those who love good graphics and destructible — that is the real source of beauty. Yes, cars fall apart piece by piece is extremely spectacular!

How did this game:
First, the developers wanted a basis to take the engine CryEngine3, but then decided to use Torque3D. Used the Lua programming language. The algorithms are very complex, because the aim is to thoroughly convey the effects of accidents. And she achieved! In the end, the physical model was very unique, it is called soft (soft body physics). Physical controls the maximum engine dynamics of the vehicle, so "kisses" with all kinds of objects remain in the memory permanently. What they will be decided by the player, because the purpose as such in BeamNG drive there, but there is a huge scope for creativity.

There where carousing:
The gamer is responsible not only for speed and direction, also he can set the track features, obstacles, weather conditions, etc. So it's not just about the game, but for real engineering program. So, it may be useful in the film industry for thinking through stunts — to conduct experiments on a real racetrack is expensive and dangerous. To learn about the behavior of a specific vehicle in model presents five fictional companies. Their cars characteristics are very similar with the real popular, for example, Subaru Impreza or Chevrolet Caprice. The creators are constantly encouraging new transport and highways, plus the gamer can try to create a map. From the conclusion: download BeamNG drive 2015 via torrent need everyone who can not live without cars, as it is more than a game about destruction, it's a real engineering masterpiece!

Trailer / Gameplay:


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