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11.08.2016, 18:21
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As well, when a developer does not depend on the fact that he dictated the producers of the project, because in such cases produced a very good game. It happened in this case – Kevin Cancian announced his own project, Home Free, which became popular immediately after the launch. What kind of project like this, which is popular among players?

Features dog Simulator:
- You've already read about the goat simulator? Then get ready to translate again in the animal skin, only this time it will be a stray dog.
- Open game world is a huge city that is randomly generated.
- And here has not done without an element of survival – after all, a kind and loving owners have dogs there, so every day involves not only finding food, but sleep.
- How to find the food to a homeless dog? Ask/steal/find, in the first two cases, the people, the third will have to go to the garbage cans...
- Where to stay? Here is a little more complicated, if people can just get rid of another dog, the other members of the canine kind may attack, and sometimes you can meet a whole gang of stray dogs who are not particularly friendly either.
- Nice feature is the ability to fight and communicate, not just to wander around in search of food and shelter.
- This project saw the players, Kevin has started a fundraiser on the popular site, and what pleases me – a couple of days after the start of the campaign had already collected a third of the amount, this situation can not but rejoice, as the Creator of the game promised if collecting a larger amount to have more functionality in the simulator.
- The project launch is scheduled for 2016, then you will be able to download a torrent Home Free, this is a really interesting game.

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