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26.09.2016, 12:38
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP service pack 3, Windows XP 64-bit service pack 2, Windows Vista service pack 2 (32 - or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32 - or 64-bit). (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 are not supported.)
Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz
RAM: 1 GB (XP), 1.5 GB (Vista and Windows 7)
Hard drive: 8 GB free space. Additional space required for DirectX 9.0 c installation and file save.
Video card: compatible with DirectX® 9.0 c, with 256 MB of video memory and support for Shader Model 3.0* or higher

Do not require submission of company Criterion Games and DICE in 2010 released racing game Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, which today remains a favorite hobby of thousands of gamers. This is a virtual game of "cat and mouse", only the main roles went to the car, more specifically, to control their police and violators of traffic calm. By the way, the name Hot Pursuit directly reports fact — it translates as "without delay". Note that as "cats" and "mice" have their chips in the form of turbostroitel, barriers, air support, electromagnetic guns...

Veteran players will remember that in 1998 came the game NFS III: Hot Pursuit. She has served as the basis for the project from Criterion Games and DICE. He, as a source of inspiration, allows you to feel and a COP and a criminal. It is no wonder that the two campaigns. The action takes place on the beautiful coast called Seacrest County. There are 160 kilometers of roads, the majority has a lot of UPS and downs, sharp turns. Yes, there is a place to show your racing ability! Attracts a variety of cars — about 80. They and everything looks beautiful thanks to the Chameleon engine. Develops the desire download the game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010-th year and a lot of other pleasant moments.

- Breathtaking chase! This project is entirely devoted to chase. Run racers-offenders are catching up — by the police. As those and others drive just fine, have excellent machinery and equipment.
- Large open spaces and a huge fleet. The action takes place near the ocean in a fantastic location Seacrest County. Gamer offers 160 km of roads. For them the conquest has about 80 different models of cars from Ford Mustang to a McLaren F1
- Have in-game social network. And this feature called Autolog. Now it is an important part of NFS series. Thanks to Autolog work and to show themselves, and other first-class drivers to see. You can even throw each other a difficult job, to wrestle.
- Lots of modes. So, drivers-violators of the 6 available versions of the competition, COP — 5. Plus provides a multiplayer mode, in 5 types of racing. For many, the chance to show their talent driversi strong reason torrent download Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
- The rich Arsenal. And the police and criminals used unique means to achieve the goal. So, the first actively set traps, call for help helicopters, and the second used turbostroitel, suppressors signals.

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