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Need for Speed ProStreet (2007) PC torrent

27.11.2016, 19:49
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System requirements:


CPU: Pentium 4 / Athlon XP or better
OS: Windows Vista/7
Graphics: GB256 MB DirectX 9.0c video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6800+ / ATI Radeo X800+)
Hard Drive: 8.1

A long time professional racers around the world hiding from the police and arranged a race night in the vast variety of cities. They have long disappeared and have often been the victim of tyranny, but it is now absolutely other times. if you can download torrent Need for Speed ProStreet, then you'll know that the game talks about those times when street professionals speed drive dedicated race track, no longer hiding and could officially compete with each other, which will undoubtedly become an asset for the development of this sports direction. Now riders don't have to hide and they will be out in full force to fight with each other without the high risk and unexpected police raids. And once I got the opportunity to ride officially, it is possible to increase the fleet in this competition. What do you talk about mass customization of the car and its fine tuning. This time the race will be even more spectacular, more interesting and more unpredictable.

- highly detailed and realistic damage model of the cars will require you to the utmost caution, as the speed of the game is huge and you must correctly calculate smooth rotation or acceleration, or any collision, skidding and carelessness can turn your unique, original and beautiful car in a pile of trash, and given the costly repairs, this moment will be very unpleasant;
- the game has detailed the possibility of tuning the car, which allows to do precise and small modification of the car, in addition to the installation of various additional devices on your car, in the game you can consider increasing wheel and other important elements of the car, that is, each element apart from the installation itself has a lot of options;
- the most interesting point is the possibility to manipulate the engine by changing its accessories and other important elements that are responsible for the characteristic of the car, carefully use this opportunity and you will be able to achieve the necessary and desired results.

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