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09.03.2016, 18:12
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Ubisoft E3 conference presented the continuation of the game project Trackmania Turbo. The new part of the famous series of games of the genre of endless arcade racing is due out on all available platforms, the release of the game, according to the creators, will be held on 26 November for European players, in the US the game will appear on December 1.

The plot Trackmania Turbo includes over 200 unique tracks in four different locations. Each location represents an independent racing world with its individual rules. The game is more attention paid to the physics of moving objects, in the tropical area of Lagoon Rollercoaster, players will find the test where the only opportunity to stay on track will be the observance of the laws of gravity and electromagnetic fields.

Also players waiting for the emergence of a new double play mode "Double Driver", in which two people can manage with one car, using two joysticks. The main challenges in the game will be racing the race at the time in which the player can set the time limit to be able to create additional tests, using Trackbuilder. Created in this mode, the tracks have no restrictions, players are free to exchange their creations, competing in difficulties crafted tracks. Download Trackmania Turbo via torrent it will be possible after its release, the game features a completely new approach to the sound, dynamic sound range will be entirely dependent on the events happening on the track. Thanks to the efforts of the creators, the game is fully compatible with virtual reality devices.

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