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24.02.2016, 07:21
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What Studio Aurora44 imagine the life of a lone wanderer? Constantly changing, full of adventure and dangerous battles! Such events are waiting for us in the draft Ashen. It combines action and role-playing game, therefore interesting enough for all. About the story so far know very little, only that the wanderer is in search of the house, on the way there will be different characters with whom we have a passing build relationships. By the way, the plot is nonlinear, we promise. As for other details, here everything is shrouded in mystery. Just announced that work on a game, those who had a hand in the creation of special effects for the movies "Prometheus", "the Avengers" and the trilogy "the Hobbit". Oh, and mentioned about an interesting passive multiplayer mode. Now we can conclude that if you are a fan of RPG games then you can download Ashen rpg from torrent and play this original game.

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