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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (2006) PC torrent

23.11.2016, 16:03
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System requirements:


CPU: AMD Athlon, Pentium 2.4 GHz;
RAM: 512 MB;
Video Card: 128 MB;
Hard Disk: 7 GB disk space

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a great opportunity to go to a magical dark Ages, where the raging chaos, monsters and orcs. In this game you will become a sorcerer's apprentice and try to save the world from the new attack, which at the end will surprise you with its source of emergence. Use different weapons, it is not necessary to save the magic, and remember, only you can stop this whole Apocalypse. The legendary role-playing game from the behemoths of the gaming market to Valve now available to you. I will try to justify our hopes, try to download the torrent Dark Messiah of Might and Made and become the new hero!

- you will find advanced technology development, which will combine unusual angle view, allowing you to see all around, including personal body parts, and excellent physical model of the behavior of the environment;
- should be ready, as this game full of action and action you will find huge 12 levels with its architecture and features dozens of different enemies, including the dragon and the Cyclops, but do not forget about the weapons, whose number is about 40 species, ranging from simple swords, ending with bows, staves, and Kyalami, don't forget about the ability to use magic, which will destroy legions of enemies;
- this time the world of might and Magic will appear before you in absolutely new appearance, you will find a huge area eshen, which is the epicentre for the emergence of a variety of dark and gloomy monsters in this world ruled by orcs, giants, dragons, Chupacabra, zombies and ghouls, it's gonna have to fight you personally;
- you will find a Grand and intricate plot about a student named Sareth, who was able to obtain a dowry mighty sorcerer, and now he can easily manipulate the magic, however, our hero's past may affect his worldview, you need to be ready for new surprises and did not give the ancient prophecy of the dark Messiah to come true;
- and the most interesting point in the game will be the multiplayer that will test your skills in battles with enemies that are equal or even better than you are.

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