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ELEX (2017) PC torrent

02.04.2016, 17:26
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Are there many virtual post-apocalyptic worlds? Many, but companies Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games guaranteed to draw in that ELEX will clearly stand out. The Studio have worked together on a role-playing action game in which it is extremely difficult to survive due to extremely tough conditions. The first information about the game appeared recently, but it instantly intrigued a lot of gamers. Spacious promises a seamless world, the emphasis on moral choice, a variety of unusual creatures.

Though it and about postapokaliptika, the setting is not futuristic, rather, medieval. The main weapon of the protagonist — a long sword. Probably, the novelty will have common features with other Piranha Bytes games. And this famous German company's legendary Gothic series and Risen. Its employees do not hide that look forward to the moment when the show "a brand new gaming experience with a fresh setting, new features and plenty of opportunities".

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