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Fallout 2 (1998) PC torrent

08.11.2016, 13:54
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System requirements:


OS: Windows
CPU: Pentium with a clock frequency of 90 MHz or better
RAM: 16 MB
Video card: SVGA
DirectX: any version
Hard drive: 565 MB

Fallout 2 – the cult the continuation of the legendary role-playing game, which tells about the terrible events that overtook the Land in the future. There was a nuclear war, and almost the entire population of the Earth was scorched by war. However, in the world there are people who survived this terrible event and now they will re-harnessing science to survive, however, now all have to build up to the horrible ruins that do not promise a bright future. In this game you will assume the role of favourites of a person who lived a long time in a simple settlement, however, after some time the elder of the tribe received information about the incredible invention called the "GECK", which can revive the scorched area and allows you to re-engage in agriculture and to thrive. If you find this device, the most difficult times you can survive and solve the problem of starvation. At first you will go on a long and unpredictable adventure that will give you the opportunity to discover this unique world.

You will find a huge dangerous world, where you have to survive, to help other people and to gather information about this incredible device. But do not hurry, as there is no evidence of the existence of this invention. But we should not lose hope and believe in the best!

- the legendary role-playing adventure continues, and this time the world will be much more;
- try to download Fallout 2 torrent and then you will have to wait a nonlinear, unpredictable plot;
- the game is a unique role-playing system S. P. E. C. I. A. L., which includes a lot of ways to develop dozens of skills and abilities;
- the game system of tactical turn-based battles;
- extensive list of enemies of all shades.

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