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FORCED Eternal Arenas (2017) PC torrent

29.03.2016, 14:46
FORCED Eternal Arenas (2017) poster

System requirements:


The time has come for a new battle! At the crossroads of time and space, the battle will meet the strongest representatives of life. They will fight until there is a galaxy, they will rush to victory, as long as there is time and they are always ready to fight, as their life – this is the basis of all existence!

You should prepare for the inevitable impact!
- choose the soldier that you like;
- equip and upgrade it and all sorts of options, maps, and abilities of elementary chains;
- battle with an army of monsters and huge bosses, dark, timeless world;
- fight to the last, to have a chance to engage in a decisive battle AZ your goals.
- Get ready to download FORCED Eternal Arenas via torrent! And arena of Eternity opens its virtual doors.

Game features:
- convenient and relatively simple control that allows you to navigate quickly during the battle;
- no error, any setback means the departure from the arena!
- a unique system of generating, allowing each time to beat a brand new card and the situation;
- complex system cards, allows you to boost not only their weapons and defense, as well as new abilities, new features and even magic;
- the opportunity to become a true legend, if you manage to collect the most rare modifier card;
- generation of arenas involves creating not only a new landscape, but also traps, the appearance of monsters, as well as their characteristics.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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