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02.04.2016, 17:02
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American fantasy television series "Game of thrones", based on the cycle of novels by George Martin's "a Song of Ice and Fire" debuted on HBO in 2011, turned out to be incredibly popular. He has received multiple Emmys, a Golden globe and numerous other awards. In the history of HBO series was the most successful. It has already been shown 5 seasons, and in the second half of this year will be released the 6th.

On the series:
It is not surprising that such popularity of the TV show was followed by the emergence of computer games based on the medieval world of Westeros. Thus, in 2012, the Studio Cyanide has released a similar series of role-playing game — Game of Thrones. And now the company Bigpoint and Artplant are developing a massively multiplayer online role-project called Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. Perhaps his release will take place this year, but the exact date is not declared.

Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms is created on the Unity engine, which means that the game will be browser-based. The basis of the gameplay inherent PvP-battle, though PvE will be present at the initial stage. Fight gamers against each other are of different nature — be it duels, castle sieges in small groups, large-scale battles. Gamers will form guilds under a common flag, called the Small houses. Each of the Small houses owned by one of the three Great houses: Lannister, stark, Baratheon. That they have, characters will receive quests and bonuses.

About that game?
The events of Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms takes place after the death of Governor Robert. In the kingdoms of Westeros Civil war was developed between the Great houses of Lannister, stark and Baratheon for the Iron throne. The war brought in many Small houses and be at the forefront of the plot. Gamers will experience many epic battles, but to use in Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms will need not only weapons, but also the mind.

In this difficult time of Westeros need to make important economic and political decisions to turn the tide in the right direction. Of course, the existence of "Game of thrones" is impossible without intrigues, so they will be one of the key points of the upcoming massively multiplayer online project. Gamers will be able to bribe each other and move to the side of the enemy or even try to prove its truth alone. Yes, download torrent Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms need all the fans of the series, the game definitely promises something incredibly exciting!

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