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Infinity The Quest for Earth (2017) PC torrent

06.03.2016, 13:44
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We present to your attention a huge space sandbox Infinity The Quest for Earth. It combines space simulation and role play. It is not just about the vast universe, and about open world and no loading screens — landing on the planet and the return flight takes place in real time. In addition, the game world is procedurally generated, that is, the environment will always be unique wherever you sent your ship.

It is important to emphasize that if you decide to download the torrent Infinity The Quest for Earth, then know that it is a massively multiplayer project, so gamers will have to fight and trade with each other. By the way, this game has an interesting feature — there is no any clear scenario. Players are free to do whatever you want: explore a solar system to mine resources on asteroids, different planets to explore, to make contact with other civilizations, trade, fight in epic battles...

Moreover, it doesn't even have to fight — you can fully devote themselves to trade or the peaceful exploration of boundless space. And this, by the way, very interesting, recall that Infinity The Quest for Earth simulator. That is, control of the spacecraft is performed directly by the gamer. And the pilot can leave the cockpit and go for a walk in open space. Exciting, isn't it?

The plot of Infinity The Quest for Earth:
It was noted above that at Infinity The Quest for Earth there is no defined script, but the plot is present. The game will tell us about the mysterious phenomenon that threatens human civilization. Soon after people learned how to travel between galaxies, something very strange happened, very strange, but very scary — the woman has lost the ability to bear children. So, humanity was on the verge of extinction.

To find out the cause of this terrible fact did not succeed, however, there is information about the possible salvation of civilization. It is associated with a far-away planet of Origin... In General, gamers have to go in search of this mysterious planet to find out the circumstances of the anomaly and to save the human race. Forward!

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