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Mass Effect 4 (2017) PC torrent

02.02.2016, 20:18
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Meet the spiritual successor to the legendary role-playing series Mass Effect — Mass Effect 4. The famous Studio BioWare starts a new story in the universe of ME. At this time we are able guy with a good intellect, but he is still unknown to the world. Exploring a game world, participating in exciting firefights, and arranging the relations with the other inhabitants, he will become a new legend! So if you still want to return to the universe of Mass Effect once again, we recommend You to download Mass Effect 4 torrent for free, but to do this you will only be able after the game, and the game will be released somewhere in 2015.

While there is little information about the upcoming release, but there is something. The developers have created two opposite worlds: the one is pleasant and harmonious, nature and technology live well in it; the other dark, hostile and very uncomfortable. Accordingly, there will be two new alien races. Explore the game world in detail or not — the players will decide for themselves. Will be given full freedom of action. And that gamers were able to delve deeper into the process, the creators decided to significantly limit the amount of cut-scenes.

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