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Medieval Engineers (2015) PC torrent

02.02.2016, 19:47
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System requirements:


OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon II X4 @ 2.6 GHz
3 Gb of RAM
5 Gb hard drive
Video card: nVidia GeForce GTS 450 / ATI Radeon HD 5830 with 1GB of memory
Sound card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX Version: 11

Remember Space Engineers? Yes, the game, which told about the work in space, allowed to build a unique station, ships. The project was well received, has sold 1 million copies. As a result, the developer is an independent development Studio from the Czech Republic, Keen Software House became famous. Now the army of gamers in anticipation of the next release of Medieval Engineers, and most importantly that this game can be downloaded for free here. According to the title, the game focuses on medieval engineering.

To be perfect, the creators have studied the V–XV centuries, important historical facts, raised to a new level previously used the system and did a lot of things. In the end, you can enjoy the buildings, fortification works, mining, and military operations. Here are the laws of physics, so it is important to be able to interact with nature.

We recommend you to download Medieval Engineers torrent without hesitation that the game will be bad because you can predict success, for good. January 13, 2015 was made the announcement of the video with the gameplay of the alpha version, soon to be release on Steam Early Access. The head of the Czech company Marek Rosa in an interview shared her desire to attract fans of Space Engineers, and generally all fans of computer games. I think it will be!

Trailer / Gameplay:


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