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Mooncrest (2017) PC torrent

06.04.2016, 17:34
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Free floating in the vastness of the game started by Rick Burton, Jeffrey Visgaitis, Brian Linden and James Henley, recently worked in the famous company BioWare. They called their Studio KnightMayor, but investors have not yet got, so I decided to announce my project on Kickstarter.

Game features:
- The game features two heroines, each with its own fate and completely different characters. Sulfur – Paladino, Piratas – child of the streets, hanging out initially does not bring them joy, but the difficulties associated with their work, in the end, will rally girls. The developers moved the feature games from BioWare – when the storyline is closely connected with the relationship of the characters, fortunately there are only two participants. The developers explained that she chose only two characters because the most efficiently to reveal their features of characters.
- Battle system: battles take place in real time (it is likely that a pause will be introduced, but not known for certain). In the battle of the heroines are as different as Sulphur, as the representative of the paladins, skillfully wielding a sword in melee, the Archer Pirates. Fighting style similar to battles in Dark Souls.
- There is a place in the game for a variety of brainteasers-puzzles.
- About the release dates and available platforms to launch the game will be known after the start of the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.
- The girls have to do the salvation of the city Mooncrest, they will need to disclose all the details of a conspiracy that threatens a prosperous life of the city.
- The plot promises to be epic, and additionally non-linear, with the elements of cinematography in the form of dialogues.
- Work on the game has been going on for two years – so we are waiting for this masterpiece.
- The inspiration for the game's development, the Quartet takes from the developers of Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.

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