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Resident Evil 0 Zero HD Remaster (2016) PC torrent

26.11.2016, 14:05
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For news about that soon everyone will be able to download the torrent Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster in high definition, it would be Japanese to learn the language, because for the first time this glorious message was published in the online edition of Famitsu. However, the official English-language blog, Capcom long pull did not, and 26 may the news spread around the world. When will be release? Soon enough — at the beginning of next year.

Pleasant point lies in the fact that over Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster are those the same people who created the original or directly related to the series. So, the Director acts koji ODA, producers — TSUKASA Takenaka and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. The developers have already managed to leave gamers in a video message, and it is seen that they are serious, truly Japanese.

Resident Evil Zero worthy to be called a classic horror.
In this dynamism combined with tension. However, the original version could not enjoy so many, because it came out in 2002, only on the Nintendo GameCube. 6 years later, in 2008, there was a version for the Wii. Now we are talking about support for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. Yes, the fanbase is incredible!

By the way, why talking about that is remastering Resident Evil Zero?
First, other classical members of the series, which would easily succumb improvement, he has succumbed to... Remember Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica. Their second life began in 2011. Second, the upgrade of graphics projects such as Resident Evil 2 and 3, requires a very large effort. Although, in the future you can expect remastering and these parts, as Capcom is now actively involved in the HD versions of retro game.

Will also examine the plot of Resident Evil Zero.
The main characters are Rebecca chambers and Billy Cohen. They are so different: she is a nurse in the unit S. T. A. R. S. "Bravo" he is a fugitive from justice. However, before Billy was a marine, and the couple bravely making its way through numerous zombies. Their goal is a complex Corporation Umbrella. It held thousands of dangerous experiments, so the place is very, very sinister... we will Add that the plot develops to the story, which is told in the first part. And it's interesting that at any time to switch between Rebecca and Billy.

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