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Runemaster (2017) PC torrent

04.08.2016, 16:57
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Runemaster is a new project from the Swedish Studio Paradox Development, made famous by a series of global strategies for Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Victoria and Crusader Kings. Despite the special the developers love this genre, Runemaster is a role-playing game. She invites gamers to decide the fate of the middle Ages. Will explore 6 worlds Norse mythology — Midgard, Jotunheim, Muspelheim, HELHEIM, Ljusalfheim and Svartalfaheim to end the chaos and become a true hero!

Each location is unique in its own way exciting, but the main feature of all — a procedural generated environment. In other words, starting the campaign over again, each time the gamers will see everything anew. It is possible to talk about many campaigns, and the variety is unlimited. Yeah, Runemaster is endless!

Features should torrent download Runemaster:
- Gamers waiting for the 6 worlds of Norse mythology giving rise to its beauty and mystique! They are all unique with each new passage of the campaign.
- An ambitious and exciting tactical battle! Assemble an army of warriors to defeat the enemy. Unique abilities for units and features fields of battle will provide an excellent basis for the strategy.
- Write the history of the worlds! All the actions of the protagonist directly affect the course of events. Smart quest system will offer only unique and relevant tasks, focusing on the deeds already committed.

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