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02.02.2016, 22:21
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Sometimes this game in the style of a shooter with RPG elements called the Shadow Lords. Well, no wonder, because the Lords of Shadows here really set aside a huge role. The point is simple: ordinary people do not want to be enslaved by the dark forces, the very same Lords, which are much stronger than them. Therefore, fighting these creatures only group. And since people also have different (mages, warriors, warlocks, clerics, Rangers), supernatural powerful being may be too...

You may have guessed that the entire process is based on the principle of "many to one". You can play as for the Lord and for the people. In the end, the forces are equal, the outcome depends on skill and intelligence. In other words, the game download Shadow Realms from torrent need because it's a great multiplayer shooter (and provided single mode). In addition, the project created by the famous company BioWare, whose name is a guarantee of quality. Add that used-class engine — Frostbite 3.

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