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Two Worlds 2 Gold Edition (2010) PC torrent

04.11.2016, 14:20
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Graphics: GeForce FX 6, 7, or 8, or AMD/ATI Radeon X-series with Shader 2.0 b
Hard drive: 6 GB of free space

Any virtual universe is worthy of continuing and, sometimes, it is not surprising that after the main story of the beloved character, we can hope to continue his adventures. It happened with a rather famous game called Two Worlds 2, which continues to tell the story of the protagonist, who has run into yet another showdown with evil. From past exploits have passed 5 years, and it was time for a new adventure! Skachatu World 2 gold Edition torrent you can have right now if you want to know what happened to the wonderful and beautiful world under the name Antalor. However, to admire it will not take long, as the main character's sister is kidnapped and now again did someone GANDAHAR, who intends to revive the evil and to conquer Antalor. Therefore, an urgent need to look for weapons, to remember all your skills and go save his sister and also save the world.

- this time you will find a completely new system of magic that will not only crush and destroy enemies, but also enjoy the benefits in terms of creating armor, weapons, use alchemy and enchanting;
- if you remember the first part, then it had multiplayer, allowing you to travel with your friends around the world, earning achievements and fighting monsters, however, she was not as perfect now on her good work, the connections are more stable, and you now are able to encourage friends to play together; this time the developers kept the ability to travel together around the world and added a special mode team battles to test the ability of the players;
- download of Two Worlds 2, you'll discover a whole new game, which has improved not only in terms of technology and graphic design. but much reworked the combat system, which now allows every battle to wage in their own way, using a variety of skills; the developers decided to depart from the usual battle system in a role-play, and now every battle looks like a slasher with all the features of the role;
- and the most interesting point of the game is the introduction of a unique artifact for a character called "Infernal Eye", allowing not only to see secret places, but also to conduct effective reconnaissance of the territory, where the enemy is, pre-planning and a plan of assault.

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