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Crookz The Big Heist (2015) PC torrent

08.05.2016, 20:11
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The company Skilltree Studios introduced gamers game Minecraft, which should appear later in 2015. This is a tactical turn-based strategy, the protagonists of which are the skilled robbers. The gang is hunting only for large prey — the real treasures, hidden in museums and mansions of the rich. The game has 20 exciting missions, offering gamers to solve a variety of challenging tasks. Robbery can be difficult. All you need to advance a clear plan, to consider all possible options of outcome, to provide the so-called plan "B". And if nothing will not have to run away from his pursuers. In General, boredom time will not stay!

I must say that Minecraft is not just a set of operations for robbery that need to be implemented. This is a true story, as it should be — with a dramatic story. The gamer should play for the three characters, however, once in this gang was a fourth companion. A few years ago on one very large case, he betrayed his friends, after which the team disbanded. But now she has teamed up once again to return to his former luxurious life, full of adrenaline! However, it would not be so interesting if the goal of the gang was just that. Wait along with exciting robbery drama in the story. If you love a good story and shooting you just need to download Minecraft via torrent from our website. Three friends intends to take revenge on his longtime abuser...

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