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Crusader Kings III (2020) PC torrent

03.12.2019, 22:47
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Crusader Kings III - the continuation of the cult strategy of wars in medieval times. The player will command armies from different eras and points of the world - from Europe to Central Africa and the East. The game has storylines based on real historical events. That is why among the characters there are many real-life personalities.

The player will create your character, and become the Lord of the Kingdom. In peacetime, it is necessary to develop infrastructure and expand territories. It depends on the user how to reflect enemy attacks, and whether to become an invader himself.

The player creates his character and falls into the conditions of the middle Ages. The success of military campaigns and defense depends on the ability to plan their actions, to get ahead of the enemy and deal a crushing blow. Also plays a big role in the development of the Kingdom-strengthening the army, the construction of protective structures on the perimeter of the Kingdom.

  • a large number of game locations;
  • the presence of real historical characters;
  • dynamic battles with enemy kingdoms;
  • participation in intrigues and power struggles;

    On the technical side, the game boasts good optimization and modern graphics. Great emphasis is placed on the study of game areas. In the gameplay added enemies and allies, dozens of different characters.

    Crusader Kings III release date is scheduled for 2020!
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