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Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator (2019) PC torrent

27.06.2018, 19:25
Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator (2019) poster

System requirements:


The game Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, torrent download which is free, you have to become a pilot of a small plane delivering goods in sparsely populated areas. Will you be able to become a true master of your craft without autopilot and navigation assistance?
- Earn a living by delivering cargo as a pilot.
- Independently check the aircraft before each task and manually bring the cargo.
- Take off on missions even in rainy weather to get more profit.
- Learn new skills and perform progressively more complex tasks in career mode.
- Master the art of flying, paving the safest route to your destination.
- Learn to land the plane even on the most uncomfortable landing strips.
- Customize and upgrade your aircraft to adapt it to any conditions.
- Evaluate the realistic system of damage and wear of each part of the aircraft.

Peculiar properties:
- Accurate flight model, which takes into account the torque, air flow direction and other details.
- Advanced models of wear, damage and destruction.
- Detailed simulated cabin with all avionics, electrical loads and circuit breakers.
- Realistic weather conditions with dynamic changes.
- Beautiful environmental effects including atmospheric dispersion, volumetric clouds and fog.
- And the last reason to download Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator is the saturated landscape with dense foliage and vegetation.


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