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23.07.2019, 18:58
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: i3 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: Intel HD 4000
Disk space: 2 GB

Fantasy colony simulator, the main aspects of which are the construction, protection of the base and the psychology of the colonists. Manage resources, production, equipment, trade, research, psychology and colonist property.

Build your colony
Your colonists arrive on the island almost empty-handed. You can manage them, order to collect resources, build walls, floors and furniture.
You are not limited in creativity! Build houses by hand from the main components. The game has dozens of different elements for building a house, as well as a lot of furniture. All this will allow you to create exactly the colony you dreamed of!

Take care of your colonists
Colonists are your top priority. First you just need to provide them with food and shelter. But the world is full of dangers! Even the most powerful war can infect an infection, and the plague can destroy your entire colony!
All colonists react to events that occurred in the game. Happy colonists work more efficiently, but the unfortunate can get a nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown
In ideal conditions, all the dreams and wishes of the residents are fulfilled. Fulfilled desires improve the mood of the colonists, while hunger, trauma, or even boring conversations or a bad dream spoil the mood of the colonists.
If you ignore the needs and desires of your colonists for a long time, they may have a nervous breakdown.
In this case, you will have little help...

Create your farm
Food is important. Food makes the colonists happy, because of spoiled food the colonists can get sick because of the small servings to start to work less effectively, and in the absence of food, the colonists die.
Grow a variety of plants depending on the season and use the kitchen to prepare meals. Stock up on food for the winter and save the harvest in case of an invasion of beetles!

Survive the winter
You have some time before the arrival of winter to create food supplies for the winter. We hope that you do not have to cut portions of the colonists in half, because in this case they will start to work slower.
If you do not have stocks, and winter outside, you will only hope...

Trade and get rich
Rumor has it that your colony has started producing goods. Greet the traveling merchants and bargain with them, perhaps you can buy from them an ancient scroll or food supplies for the winter.
Make your stocks so that you always have something to trade. The colonists demand a decent salary for their work. If the mood in your colony is low, you can improve it for extra money.

Do research
Building a house is a long process and manpower and resources are not the only thing you need for this. Smart settlers are engaged in research of new technologies that allows to open new construction elements, furniture and equipment.
Carefully select scientists! If his skills do not fit this type of work, he will not succeed in research.

Protect your settlement
You are not alone on this island, which you now call home. On this island live techonline who are not particularly happy about your arrival.
Train your colonists to fight and equip them with the best equipment and armor. Build walls and towers to techonline are unable to get to you!

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