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25.02.2018, 14:51
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System requirements:


OS:Windows Vista or 7
Processor:Core 2 Duo
Memory:3GB RAM
Graphics:SM3 512MB VRAM
Hard Drive:4 GB HD space

Perhaps today gamers ' interest in the topic of space is greater than ever. And many would like something unconventional. Please! The company has created a Squad Kerbal Space Program. According to the last word, it's not just a game. We find ourselves in a system of the Kerbals. It has seven planets with their satellites. Inhabited only Kerbin. As expected, the locals are green, they are different cylindrical heads. And cook these heads as need to! The humanoids have built their own spaceport. It is possible to conduct various experiments on rockets, shuttles and the most amazing ships.

And this is just the beginning — the program is constantly updated. Will definitely be a new planet, perhaps the whole system. It is possible to add multi-user mode. In the meantime, it is interesting for one to design spacecraft from dozens of parts and observe how they break out of the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere in compliance with the laws of physics. Or not to be uprooted... You can build here and simple, as well as orbital aircraft. This "sandbox", so given the absolute freedom of creativity. Take into account the rich possibilities for personal modification of the game, so you can safely try to download Kerbal Space program torrent, after its release.

Features of the game program
- There are hangars for both vertical and horizontal Assembly-invent any aircraft, shuttles, missiles!
- Newton would like-physics here in the first place. The program works smartly.
- Already now there are 7 planets, given 2 dwarf, and still 9 satellites. They rotate around the Central star of the Kerbals.
- The crew can go out into space! To make everything go well, it is important to take only competent astronauts in flight.
- Every day users create thousands of improvements. You can modify even the smallest details.
- One mistake, and the ship will not take off, or rather take off into the air. Therefore, take a closer look at the fuel system, weight, etc.
- Building multi-stage vehicles, you should consider system separation of the parts thoroughly, to was flying, not falling...
- It all started well? Now it is important to take care of docking with a space base or a colossal starship.
- To make it even more interesting, the developers took care of a variety of missions.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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