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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) PC torrent

08.07.2019, 16:58
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The truly legendary series of aviation stimulants was continued in the new version, the gameplay of which largely adheres to the traditional Canon. In particular, remained unchanged high realism of flight physics, data on airports and the surrounding landscapes, etc. Changes also has not undergone an open model of the game, implying the possibility of making various modifications to the model aircraft, as well as the creation of airports on their own project.

As before, the game has the option of using the autopilot, there is a dispatching support and the ability to download real weather conditions. You can also configure and air traffic, adding to it the traffic of different models of aircraft under the control of ground services. With the built-in flight analysis tools and repeat function, you can learn from your mistakes, eliminating them in the future. Finally, for the very green newcomer there is also a training course in piloting.

The variety of aircraft models present in the game is really great, there are heavy transport aircraft giants, and light sports cars. Using them, you can pass a given mission or create your own routes covering any region of the world. In this case, the part of the flight modes that represent unusual situations that are modeled simplistically in connection with a small probability of hit in them. It is worth adding that the database — all the major operating airports in the world, with the real surrounding terrain and other data.

Microsoft Flight Simulator release date is scheduled for 2020!

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