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22.02.2016, 19:45
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System requirements:


OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel 1.7 GHz
Video card: 64 MB
DirectX: 10
RAM: 512 MB

Will Wright is an American who created a new genre in the computer games industry. Many probably guessed that we are talking about the famous life simulator The Sims. This original idea with the support of well — known companies Maxis and Electronic Arts after the release, held in 2000, instantly became a hit. She is loved by millions of gamers and was critically acclaimed. Not surprisingly, within 15 years of the series there were 4 full pieces and lots of accessories for each of them.

Why a lot of people wants to download Sims 1 through a torrent to this day?
The reason for the popularity, first, lies in the unusual idea is the player controls characters who live ordinary life: develop and have fun, make acquaintances and family, work and educate children, equip a house and garden plot. And secondly, in the perfect realization of this idea — the process looks realistic, has many controls and settings, in General, the game draws from the head!

For the convenience of gamers, the developers have created several modes. In "Live mode" you need to manage the Sims and watch them. The gamer can decide, what case to take their characters, however, it is important to take into account their own desires. In "Construction" and "Purchase" the game process is paused. They need to build a house, to Refine the plot, to arrange the interior. The process is very exciting, it can be partly compared with the program for the compilation of design projects. The creators have chosen for his creation pseudostreaming isometric projection, i.e. the camera shows the objects top side. So you can always see what Sims are busy inside the house, allowed to switch between levels, partly to make walls invisible and look at the plot from different angles.

The Sims is the game that allows you to live the dream!
It all starts with character creation. You can choose their gender, age, hairstyle, skin color, complexion, clothing, to think of names and determine traits. By the way, the character will affect relationships with other Sims. Creating a bachelor's or a whole family, it should be accommodated in the house or on the plot where the house will be built. The initial capital is not so great, so be sure to arrange your Sims to work.

As the game progresses the characters will be able to develop various skills, to get acquainted with neighbors, have parties... Well, the player will have to take care about the satisfaction of their needs. It's about real life, so Sims need to eat regularly, take a bath, to visit the bathroom, sleep and, of course, have fun! In General we offer all torrent download the Sims 1 absolutely for free.

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