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02.02.2016, 18:56
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This year you will be able to download the game Space Noir via torrent and enjoy it to the full. The game's story - the life of the main character Hal Markham didn't quite work out, hoping for a good paying job, he joined the ranks of the Intergalactic Planetary Consortium, who did not justify his hopes for a bright future. While Hal was minding my own business – his parents were killed in a tragic incident, but this fate was not enough – in addition to all of our favorite poor girl has a new boyfriend and happily married him.

Return to nowhere and to nothing – but still have a head on his shoulders. Hal chooses the career of a mercenary and goes on a dangerous journey across five worlds. He will be accompanied on-Board AI Rhonda, and manage user, to whom and to pass the proposed developers of exciting and dangerous at the same time - 35 missions.

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