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Star Citizen (2016) PC torrent

02.02.2016, 20:28
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Want to become a real astronaut? Then we recommend the game Star Citizen download a torrent on our website and go to a distant galaxy in search of adventure. In this game humanity has managed to conquer space, thanks to far ahead technological progress, part of which were ships, allowing you to move freely around the universe. People began to actively explore it, discover new planets, more and more of the expanding global map of the cosmos. Some of the planets discovered life. Some creatures were primitive, others have reached the borders of the human intellect, others went even further beyond these boundaries. Some alien race were ready for peaceful cooperation, others were extremely negative-minded. As the opening of the continents and Islands of the Earth was accompanied by numerous wars and the opening of the outer planets has not been without global battles.

That's what it is, human future. This version offered us American Studio Cloud Imperium Games. Her new project, Star Citizen will start only in 2016 or even 2017, but in the Network already there are active conversations. The developers promise to change the idea of gamers on space simulators. Every detail of the project was created from scratch. For the development of Star Citizen Studio used a modified version of the Cry Engine 3. The focus was on maximum as space battles in all respects. Gamers will play the role of fighter pilots who will have to wait for a variety of exciting missions.

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